Other Presentation Set Accessories

Other Flag Display & Presentation Set Accessories 

  • Flag Spreader

    Flag Spreader

    Add a Flag Spreader to open your indoor flag up for all to see! Made in America Attaches to indoor flagpoles For 1" to 1 1/4" diameter flagpoles Sure-grip clips hold flag securely in place Vinyl coated pole bracket attachment
  • The front of a white plastic grommet clip with both pieces locked together and the grommet hole pointing downwards.

    Pair of Add-A-Grommets

    Most flags only come with two grommets on one side, so how do you hang it if you want to stretch out all four corners? It’s easy: Attach an Add-A-Grommet to each grommetless corner, and it’s ready to use! Our flag grommet clips keep their...