Outdoor Brackets

Welcome to our collection of outdoor flag and mounting brackets designed to provide you with the perfect hardware for securely mounting your flagpole on the side of your house or building. Whether you're looking for adjustable options or specific accessories for your flagpole, our outdoor brackets category has everything you need.

Explore our wide range of outdoor flag brackets and mounting brackets, meticulously crafted to ensure durability and reliability in outdoor settings. With adjustable features, these brackets offer versatility and convenience, allowing you to find the perfect angle and position for displaying your flag proudly.

Our outdoor brackets are specifically designed to complement flagpoles, offering seamless integration and hassle-free installation. They are essential accessories that guarantee a secure and stable mount, ensuring your flag waves with pride in the great outdoors.

  • Adjustable Bracket

    Adjustable Bracket

    Use this adjustable bracket to display your pole at multiple angles! Aluminum For use with 1" diameter poles Base measurement: 3" x 3" Supplied with a thumb screw and mounting screws Displays poles at a vertical, 25°,...
  • Dual angle quick stick brackets to can hold flags.

    Dual Angle Quick Stick Flag Bracket

    Enhance the look of your home by attaching this bracket to your mailbox.  This American-made hardware is backed with a 3M double-sided adhesive, strong enough to adhere to most surfaces firmly. No tools are required, so installation is effortless!...
  • A silver aluminum mounting bracket next to a metal strap for attaching to poles.

    Adjustable Bracket w/ Mounting Strap

    Want to fly another flag on your existing flagpole, column, or fence post? This adjustable outdoor bracket has a mounting strap that makes this possible. The adjustable bracket is durable aluminum with a silver finish for longevity and weather resistance...
  • A brass-plated flag pole holder with a cylinder for inserting a flag pole and three holes at the bottom for screws.

    Brass Plated Mounting Bracket

    Make use of empty wall space with a pole bracket! This flag pole mount is crafted from durable cast aluminum and plated with brass for a refined look.  Our flag holders are simple to install and come complete with a set of screws for attachment to...
  • A black flagpole bracket clamped around a silver pole. At the ends of the clamp are wide holes for the insertion of a flagpole.

    Bracket for Railing

    Our flagpole bracket is the perfect solution for apartment or condo dwellers, providing a convenient way to attach your flag.  This flagpole bracket is specifically designed for use with fences and railings, meaning you can attach it to the fencing...