Outdoor Ornaments

Upgrade your flagpole's ornament or find a specialty one from our dedicated collection. Our flagpoles come with ornaments, but if you're looking to enhance your current one or order a unique specialty ornament, we've got you covered.

  • Flagpole Ball

    Flagpole Ball

    Adorn your outdoor flagpole with this gold flagpole ball! Made in America Gold anodized aluminum ½" - 13 NC spindle threading Used for outdoor flagpoles only
  • A gold eagle positioned on a ball ornament for a flagpole.

    Flagpole Eagle

    Dress up your American flag further by placing this flagpole eagle onto your outdoor flagpole! 12" ALUMINUM FLAGPOLE EAGLE Recommended Flagpole Height: 16'-24'Eagle Height: 12"Eagle Wing Span: 9 1/4"Globe Size: 3"Rod Size: 1/2" - 13 UNC   18"...