Religious Stick Flags & Decals

Religious Stick Flags & Accessories 

  • Three religious flags in one black plastic base. The Christian flag features a white background with a blue field in its top left corner. Inside the blue field is a red Latin cross. The Episcopal flag consists of a white background with a red cross going across its center. In the top left corner is a blue field with nine small white Greek-style crosses with embellished ends, arranged in an X-shaped cross pattern. The Vatican flag features a white and yellow vertical bi-color pattern - yellow is on the left side, white on the right. Centered on the white side of the flag is an ornate yellow, silver and red design featuring a papal tiara, keys, priestly vestments, and religious cords. This is the coat of arms of the Vatican City.

    Religious Stick Flags

    These American-made religious stick flags are great for displaying anywhere you want to celebrate your spirituality.  These miniature flags are perfect for decorations in your home, office, place of worship and classroom, and make great gifts for...