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Snaps, Rings & Non-furling Devices

  • Non-Furling Device

    Non-Furling Device

    With our non-furling device you can fly your flag all day long, every day of the year, and the wind will never wrap your flag around the flagpole. The non-furling device kit is easy to install on flagpole and comes complete with everything needed...

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  • Pair of Add-A-Grommets

    Pair of Add-A-Grommets

    Add-A-Grommets can be used to grip flags with a nearly permanent hold, replacing the need for brass grommets. Use these to hang your flag on the wall or attach string to the Add-A-Grommet and hang from a tent or fence. They are reusable, easy to...

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  • Pair of Nylon Snaps

    Pair of nylon snaps attach to your halyard to hang flags from 12" x 18" to 4' x 6'. If you are hanging larger flags, we recommend the metal snaps and covers.

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