Snaps, Rings & Non-furling Devices

Outdoor Flagpole Parts & Flag Fasteners

  • Pair of Nylon Snaps

    Pair of Nylon Snaps

    Pair of nylon snaps attach to your halyard to hang flags from 12" x 18" to 4' x 6'. If you are hanging larger flags, we recommend the metal snaps and covers.
  • An anti-furling kit for flags with 2 screws, a wrench, 2 rings, and 2 white plastic hollow cylinders with clips attached using metal rings.

    Never Furl Non-Furling Device

    This non-furling kit is an excellent addition to any house-mounted flagpole and prevents your flag from wrapping around the pole. This kit is easy to install and contains two hollow plastic cylinders that slide along the length of your pole. A clip is...
  • The front of a white plastic grommet clip with both pieces locked together and the grommet hole pointing downwards.

    Pair of Add-A-Grommets

    Most flags only come with two grommets on one side, so how do you hang it if you want to stretch out all four corners? It’s easy: Attach an Add-A-Grommet to each grommetless corner, and it’s ready to use! Our flag grommet clips keep their...