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State Stick Flags

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United States

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Different state stick flags are featured including in sets of 3 on black plastic base. States featured include: California, Nebraska, New Mexico, Delaware, Iowa, South Carolina, Maryland, Hawaii, Ohio, Rhode Island, Montana, etc. business card is centered in the middle of flag display. All flags have black plastic staffs and gold spears.
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The United States stick flags are perfect for collecting, showing off state pride, or decorating classrooms. These flags are 100% Made in America. We’ve got all 50 states available from Alabama to Wyoming.

These handheld stick flags make great gifts for flag enthusiasts, adults, and children. Grab one for your home state or collect them for each state you’ve visited!

These flags come in handy for teachers and educators working in remote settings. For travel or geography-related school projects, these stick flags will make a great affordable addition. Spruce up a conference with decorative stick flags on every table as an unique centerpiece.

Features include:

  • 100% polyester
  • 4" x 6" stick flag has a 10.5" plastic staff
  • 8" x 12" stick flag has 20" wood staff
  • Gold painted spear


Please note: All stick flag bases are sold separately. Checkout the 4” x 6” flag bases or 8" x 12" flag bases to create a great display set!

(Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly)