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25' External Halyard Flagpole w/ Collar (ECS25)

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Butt Diameter:
3 1/2"
Top Diameter:
2 3/8"
Wall Thickness:
Suggested Flag Size:
4' x 6'
Max Windspeed (Flagged):
77 MPH
Max Windspeed (Unflagged):
95 MPH
United States

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25 External Halyard Flagpole w/ Collar ECS25
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Our ECS25 flagpole is produced in the U.S.A. and is constructed of all-weather aluminum for reliable everyday use. The aluminum construction makes this flagpole resistant to corrosion for long-lasting utility. The 25' External Halyard flagpole will withstand moderate winds up to 77 mph with a flag or 95 mph without a flag. Freight costs apply, call to request a quote. Otherwise, one will be provided after your order is placed.

This flagpole set includes all the parts you need to properly install and attach to your favorite flag. This flagpole set includes:

  • Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • Cast aluminum stationary truck
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • Swivel flag snaps with vinyl snap covers
  • Cast aluminum cleat with mounting screws
  • Spun aluminum flash collar
  • Sturdy PVC plastic foundation sleeve

For extra stability and anti-furling capabilities, you can replace the included stationary truck with a revolving truck.

The ECS25 flagpole comes standard with a satin finish. If you live near saltwater, we suggest a clear, anodized finish to extend your pole's lifespan. Anodization is a secondary process and will thus lengthen your pole's manufacturing time.


Safely and adequately erecting an exterior flagpole is not simple! Please view our flagpole mounting instructions for a detailed step-by-step guide and a complete list of necessary materials and tools.

This flagpole set does not include tools and supplies, such as concrete, sand, stone, caulking, and lock tight, all of which are necessary for sturdy ground mounting. A list of what you'll need is listed in the flagpole installation instructions guide below.

The hole you will be digging for the pole must be three to four times wider than the butt diameter of the flagpole (3.5 in.). The hole's depth must be 10% of the pole's height (2.5 ft.). Ensure your space is large enough to accommodate this flagpole.

We do NOT recommend installing a flagpole near overhead power lines or buried cables. Ensure your assembly area is safe.



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