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2nd Amendment Flag

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Black 2nd Amendment flag. The center is a circle reading “2nd Amendment”, “1789”, and “America’s Original Homeland Security”, and 2 crossed guns over a US flag.
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The 2nd Amendment Flag personifies Americans’ liberty to bear arms to give you the right to protect yourself. If you support this right, proudly fly this flag at protests, rallies, or high atop your flagpole with an American flag.

Made here on US soil out of premium quality nylon, this flag is durable enough for heavy outdoor use. The flag is also fitted with a canvas heading and brass grommets to provide additional durability. 

This flag is available in our best-selling 3’ x 5’ size, perfect for our 6' tangle-free flagpole. Order both today for free standard shipping.


  • Made in America
  • Authentic design
  • 3' x 5'
  • 200 nylon
  • Canvas heading
  • Brass grommets

2nd Amendment flags go great with one of our state flags because of the contrast of their black color against the bright colors of state flags.


2nd Amendment Brief History

Ratified in 1791, the Bill of Rights is the first ten Amendments to the Constitution. It guaranteed civil rights and liberties to individuals in the US. Among these amendments is the Second Amendment, which has stood as the American people’s safeguard against tyranny for over 200 years. The amendment gave the American right to bear arms. It gives citizens the right to protect themselves without restrictions from the government.

Do you know why the Second Amendment was created? Initially, it wasn’t intended to grant individuals the right to keep weapons for self-defense. The primary reason for the passing of the Second Amendment was to prevent the need for the US to have a professional standing army. Over the years, the Supreme Court has interpreted it as individual self-defense right.


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