Ms. Veterans American Pageant taking place on October 13th

The Ms. Veterans American Pageant is to be held on October 13th in Hollywood, California. By no means is this your average beauty pageant, since all proceeds go towards supporting homeless women veterans.

The competition is judged based on four areas. They include interview, talent, military history, and advocacy. The contestant’s presentation affects the contestant’s score includes poise, grace, confidence, personality, as well as interaction and participation within the contest.

Every judge is a woman who has either been in the military or is still active in the military. The requirement for winning this competition is becoming an advocate for the Final Salute organization. “Final Salute” has helped thousands of homeless veteran women and their children. It is necessary for the winner to attend speaking engagements as well as PR events, and provide community service for 12 months.

The more awareness Ms. Veterans American Pageant gains, the more help they can offer to the military women and their children who suffer homelessness. You may consider hoisting an American flag on October 13th to show your support for these brave women. This competition is their chance to show the world that they are still women and gives them a golden chance to show the strength and courage they possessed while serving in the military.

What To Expect From The Ms. Veterans American Pageant

The pageant started in 2012 and has helped spread awareness in regards to sexual assault, PTSD, and homelessness among the women veterans of the United States military. There is even a unique portion of the pageant that celebrates the dads who help to keep the house running smoothly while these exceptional women fight to protect their country.

Rewards For The Winner of the Ms. Veterans American Beauty Pageant

The woman who wins the pageant receives a Veteran America crown, sash, and $15,000 to help start a business, completing home repairs, purchasing a vehicle or go towards educational expenses for the veteran or their children. They are also provided with round trip airfare as well as accommodations for the next two competitions. There are numerous other rewards, and 1st and 2nd runner up are awarded as well.

This competition not only honors the women who have served in the military, but it allows for light to be shed on a growing issue that America is facing. With the help of “Final Salute” there is now awareness in regards to just how many women who have served in the military are suffering. With their help, these women can now afford to put food on the table, create a more stable home life, and remember just how strong they truly are.

You do not have to be present at the pageant to show your support. When you search for “military civilian service flags” you can easily find a flag that will help you show your support for America and the women who have offered service and risked their life and well-being for our safety. If you have been looking for an admirable way to show your support for this great country and its veterans, then look no further than the Ms. Veterans American Pageant.

You are sure to gain a lot of insight in reference to the daily struggles that plague these heroes as well as offer a lending hand simply by showing your support. There has not yet been a better way to spread awareness, celebrate bravery, and acknowledge the fact that the number of homeless veteran women is on the rise.

Oct 10, 2019 Staff

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