The Best American Flag: A Durability Study

At, we're not just passionate about providing the best American flags; we're also committed to demonstrating why our products stand out in durability and value. In a 6-month experiment, we've rigorously tested the best outdoor American flags from various manufacturers, including the esteemed Eder Flag, Annin Flag, a printed polycotton flag, and a competitor's product, to bring you an insightful comparison. This wasn't just a test of our products but a showcase of industry standards for American-made US flags.

Setting the Scene

Imagine a typical May morning in Delray Beach, Florida, marked by bright sunlight and a coastal breeze. On this day, we hoisted four flags - each representing a different manufacturer - onto flagpoles under the same environmental conditions at a local car dealership. Our goal? To observe and compare how each flag withstands the elements over a six-month period.

The Contenders

  • Eder Flag: Known for their craftsmanship and quality.
  • Annin Flag: America's oldest flagmaker, renowned for their durable flags.
  • Printed Poly/Cotton Flag: A budget-friendly option.
  • A Competitor's Flag: Slightly pricier than our offerings, yet its durability was in question. We’ve left this company unnamed because we aim to emphasize the performance and resilience of our flags rather than directly criticize others.

American Flags on their first day flying for an experiment

Results: The Test of Time

As the months rolled by, the relentless Florida sun, rain, and winds became the ultimate test for these flags. Here's what we observed:

Polycotton's Struggle: By August, the poly/cotton flag showed significant wear and tear, developing holes and tears. Despite its deteriorating condition, we left it flying for the full duration of the experiment. By December, it was in tatters. Based on these observations, this flag has a lifespan of roughly three months of daily flying.

The Competitor's Downfall: Sometime between August and December, our competitor's flag faced its ultimate fate – torn from the flagpole, leaving behind nothing but its grommets. This was a big surprise for us, as we expected to have something left to see at the end of our experiment. We can’t even tell you if the flag itself had significant wear and tear since it was completely gone - carried off by the wind.

Eder and Annin's Triumph: The true heroes of our story. Despite facing the same harsh conditions as the others, both the Eder and Annin flags were still flying high and strong at the end of the six-month period, a true testament to their superior durability. These American-made flags showcased the knowledge and craftsmanship behind these generational companies.

American flags on their last day or flying for an experiment


Value and Durability: If you're seeking the best value for your money, look no further than our Annin American Flags or Eder American Flags. Our experiment clearly demonstrates that one of these flags is equivalent to purchasing three poly/cotton flags in terms of longevity.

Polycotton's Niche: The poly/cotton American flag, while not as enduring, is an excellent choice for those who prefer to display their flag only on special occasions, ensuring minimal wear and tear.

A Word on Competitors: While we respect our manufacturer’s competition, our test results speak for themselves. The competitor's flag, despite being more expensive, didn't withstand the conditions as well as our products.

Why Choose

At, we pride ourselves on offering the best American flags made in the USA that stand the test of time and elements. This experiment was more than a test of durability; it was a demonstration of our commitment to quality and value. Whether you're a casual flag flyer or a staunch patriot, we have the perfect flag for you.

We hope this experiment provides you with the insights needed to make the best choice for your flag-flying needs. Thank you for your continued support and patriotism. Fly high and proud!

May 06, 2024 Alexis C.

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