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Bolivia Flag with Gold Fringe

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The indoor Bolivia flag has 3 sides of gold fringe around a red, yellow, and green tricolor. In the center of the yellow stripe is the state seal.
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Create a stunning indoor display with our premium indoor Bolivia flag. This flag symbolizes Bolivia’s unity and pride, making it an excellent addition to government buildings, educational institutions, or ceremonial occasions.

Our Bolivia flag with fringe is crafted from high-quality nylon, showcasing Bolivia's vibrant tricolor design of red, yellow, and green stripes with exceptional clarity. The precision digital printing ensures that the national coat of arms is depicted with intricate detail.

This flag comes finished with gold fringe around three borders and a pole sleeve for quick installation on any of our indoor flagpoles. We carry the indoor Bolivian flag in sizes 3’ x 5’ and 4’ x 6’. Refer to our table of indoor flag sizes and recommended flagpole matches to determine which size best suits your needs.

Indoor Bolivia Flag Highlights:

  • Produced in the United States, following our commitment to quality and domestic craftsmanship
  • 100% lightweight nylon fabric
  • Authentic 1851 design
  • Ceremonial gold fringe for a dignified appearance
  • Easy-to-use pole sleeve
  • Durable leather tabs for stability

Note: This flag is designed specifically for indoor use, and should only be used outdoors for parades or ceremonies. 

Are you interested in a versatile outdoor version? Our durable Bolivia flag features a sturdy canvas header and brass grommets for a secure and resilient outdoor display.