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The green Brazil flag has a yellow diamond in the center with a blue globe containing 27 white stars and the state motto.
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Fly the vibrant flag of Brazil with pride outside any home, business, or government office. This flag is constructed from premium nylon fabric in the United States, creating a durable and lightweight flag that can fly even in gentle breezes. Each detail of the flag, including the stars of the night sky and the national motto, "Ordem e Progresso," is digitally printed to ensure UV resistance and help prevent fading.

The Brazilian flag is available in multiple sizes: 12” x 18”, 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, and 6’ x 10’. The standard flag size of 3’ x 5’ is a bestseller among our customers. Each flag has a strong canvas header and brass grommets, making it easy to attach securely to any outdoor flagpole. Look at our table of recommended flag sizes for different flagpole heights to determine which size is right for you.

Brazil Flag Features

  • Proudly made in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality
  • Official 1992 design with 27 stars
  • Durable 100% nylon for outdoor flying or indoor use
  • Robust white canvas header
  • Rust-resistant brass grommets

Are you interested in an indoor version for formal or ceremonial use? Check out our indoor Brazil flag, elegantly finished with gold fringe and a pole sleeve.

Brazil Flag Colors, Meaning, & History

The Brazil flag, adopted on November 19, 1889, shortly after the country became a republic, is deeply symbolic. The flag's green field represents the country's lush forests and natural wealth, a color traditionally associated with the House of Braganza of Pedro I, Brazil's first Emperor. The yellow rhombus at the center symbolizes the gold reserves and mineral wealth, historically linked to the House of Habsburg of Pedro's wife, Empress Leopoldina. Within the yellow rhombus lies a blue globe depicting a starry sky that mirrors the Rio de Janeiro night sky on November 15, 1889, when Brazil was declared a republic. 

Brazil’s flag originally had 21 white stars in the globe, representing each of Brazil's federative units or regions. Over the years, additional stars were added as more states were created within the country. The current flag, last updated in 1992, now has 27 stars. The banner across the blue globe bears the national motto, "Ordem e Progresso" ("Order and Progress"), a principle derived from the positivist philosophy of Auguste Comte.

Other Details

Motto: "Ordem e Progresso" / "Order and Progress"
Capital: Brasília
Language(s): Portuguese
Currency: Real (R$)
Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag Meaning: The colors green and yellow stand for the Royal Houses of Bragança. The stars on the blue circle represent the sky over Rio de Janeiro on the night of November 15, 1889, which is the day the Republic of Brazil was declared. Each of the 27 stars represents a different Brazilian state and the Federal District. The flag changes whenever a new state is added.