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Congo (Democratic Republic of) Flag

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The DRC flag is light blue with a diagonal red line with a yellow outline from bottom left to upper right. In the upper left is a yellow star.
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Our Democratic Republic of the Congo flag is crafted from high-quality nylon, a lightweight fabric that flies proudly even in gentle breezes. Nylon is also a quick-drying material, which helps prevent mildew buildup after rain. Each element of the flag’s design is digitally printed for crisp, fade-resistant colors.

Each flag has a sturdy canvas heading and brass grommets for secure mounting on any outdoor flagpole. We offer this flag in sizes 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, and 6’ x 10’. The 3’ x 5’ flag is a bestseller among our customers and an excellent fit for our 6’ house-mounted pole.

DRC Flag Features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Official 2006 design
  • 100% fray-resistant nylon
  • Reinforced canvas heading
  • Brass grommets for easy attachment

Looking for an indoor or ceremonial version? Our Democratic Republic of Congo flag, with gold fringe and a pole sleeve, is an impressive option for formal displays.

Democratic Republic of Congo Flag Meaning & History

The current flag of the DRC was adopted in 2006 and is based mainly on the national flags used from 1963 to 1971. These previous designs had the same design but with different proportions and a dark blue background.

The sky blue background symbolizes peace, while the red line is for the blood the country’s martyrs shed. The yellow used in the star and outline represents wealth, with the star specifically standing for the future and guiding principles of the nation.

Other Details

Motto: "Justice – Paix – Travail" / "Justice – Peace – Work"
Capital: Kinshasa
Language(s): Lingala
Currency: Congolese Franc
Government: Semi-Presidential Republic
Flag Meaning: The red represents country's heroes, the blue symbolizes peace and harmony, the yellow refers to the country's affluence, and the star stands for hope and ambition.