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Hydrangea Blossoms Applique House Flag

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A Hydrangea Blossoms Applique House Flag depicting blue hydrangea flowers in bloom, with the text "Welcome" written at the top.
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Introduce a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your outdoor space with our Hydrangea Blossoms Applique House Flag. This flag, showcasing a classic blue color palette and blooming hydrangeas, is a stylish way to greet guests and enhance any outdoor area. The flag features a beautiful array of blooming hydrangeas, symbolizing grace and abundance. The floral design and welcoming message combine to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Each flag is meticulously crafted from multiple layers of 310 denier nylon, a material known for its strength and durability. This flag uses fade-resistant, strong fabric combined with tight, detailed stitching to create a dimensional mosaic effect. The heavyweight material not only contributes to the flag's durability but also illuminates beautifully in sunlight, making the hydrangea design pop with vibrant colors.


  • 28" x 44"
  • Double sided
  • Fade resistant

Please note that house-mounted poles are sold separately.