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In-ground Flagpole Parts & Accessories

Please measure carefully when choosing a replacement part.  If items need to be returned, a restocking fee may apply. Please call us if you need assistance at 800-858-8776.
  • A white braided polyester rope that is wrapped around a spool. 1/4" halyard (far left), 5/16" halyard (center), 3/8" halyard (far right)


    You’ve made it to the halyard product page, so either you need to replace the rope on your flagpole or you had no idea what the heck halyard was and clicked to find out. Luckily, we can help with both! Halyard, also known as flagpole rope, is used...

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  • Beaded Retainer Ring

    Beaded Retainer Ring

    The Beaded Retainer Ring provides a means of keeping the bottom of the flag as close to the pole as an aid when raising and lowering the flag! Made in America Constructed of 1" or combination of 1" & 2" nylon balls Strung onto 1/8" stainless...

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  • Flagpole Truck Assembly

    Flagpole Truck Assembly

    Purchase this truck as a replacement if yours is worn down. Made in America Cast aluminum Silver For use with external halyard flagpoles **PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY, IF RETURNED A RESTOCKING FEE WILL APPLY.

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  • Non-Tangle Rod

    Non-Tangle Rod

    Add this Non-Tangle Rod to prevent your flag from wrapping around your outrigger pole! Made in America 30" Stainless steel rod Vinyl clamps For use with 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' flags

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  • Cleat Cover Box

    Cleat Cover Box

    Protect your cleat with this Cleat Cover Box! Made in America Cast aluminum Stainless steel hinge pins Comes complete with choice of padlock or cylinder lock *Please specify what color needed in the textbox. Cleat cover boxes match the pole...

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  • Winch Handle

    Winch Handle

    Use this Winch Handle as a replacement for your internal halyard flagpole Made in America Stainless steel For use with 5" - 12" internal halyard flagpoles

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  • Shoe Base

    Shoe Base

    Use a shoe base to subsitute for a flash collar for your outdoor flagpole! Made in America Aluminum *Please specify what color needed in the textbox. Shoe bases match the pole being used. Options: satin (matte silver), clear (glossy...

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