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Vatican City/ Papal Flag with Gold Fringe

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The Vatican flag has two vertical bands of yellow & white, with the coat of arms on the white. The flag has a sleeve & gold fringe.
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Our Vatican Flag with gold fringe adds just the right touch of elegance to your formal indoor display. Made in America with high-quality nylon material and three sides of gold fringe, this flag is an excellent addition to any church, government building, or auditorium. For free-standing presentations, pair this Vatican City flag with an indoor flagpole topped with a cross ornament.


  • Made in America
  • Authentic design
  • 100% nylon
  • Fray-resistant stitching
  • Gold fringe
  • Pole sleeve

How Do You Display the Flag of Vatican City Indoors? 

Congregations may display the Vatican flag inside the sanctuary or in the entry hall. The American flag can also be shown; both flags should be the same size and level. Some congregations prefer to set up each flag on either side of the sanctuary. 

How to Choose the Correct Size Flag

We offer Vatican flags with fringe in three sizes: 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, and 5’ x 8’. Please see our table below to view our recommended flagpole size for each. There should be at least 1 foot of space between the ceiling and the top of your flagpole.

Flag Size

Recommended Pole Size

3’ x 5’

7’ or 8’ indoor pole

4’ x 6’

9’ indoor pole

5’ x 8’

12’ indoor pole

We also carry the Vatican flag with a canvas header and brass grommets for outdoor or informal indoor use.  

Please note: Flags with gold fringe are not meant for outdoor use. For best results, keep these flags inside.

Other Details

Capital: Vatican City
Language(s): Italian
Currency: Euro €
Government: Ecclesiastical, Sacerdotal-Monarchical
Flag Meaning: The yellow and white, represent gold and silver respectively, and symbolize the traversed keys of Saint Peter. The emblem also represents Saint Peter's keys.