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Ireland Flag

The Irish flag with three vertical stripes of green, white, and orange from left to right.
The Irish flag flying from an outdoor flagpole. The flag has three vertical stripes of green, white, and orange from left to right.
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The Irish flag with three vertical stripes of green, white, and orange from left to right.
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The luck of the Irish will be all yours when you fly the mighty Flag of Ireland, also known as the Irish Tricolor. 

Whether you’re celebrating Saint Patty’s Day or want to display your love of Irish history year-round, this bright, bold flag is the perfect piece of Celtic décor. Bordered on the left by a clover green panel and by vivid orange on the fly end, this authentic Irish free state flag is a faithful, stylish reproduction of the flag of Ireland. Best of all, this high-quality flag is made of 100% nylon and finished by 4 rows of lock stitching - ensuring your flag is strong, durable and easy on the eyes. The quality is guaranteed by a 7-day manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

Choose from six available sizes, ranging from a 12” x 18” flag, to a 3’ x 5’ flag, to an impressive 6’ by 10’ flag, perfect for unfurling and flying proudly in outdoor settings.

The Ireland flag with sleeve & fringe is specifically designed for a regal look indoors. A special oak indoor display pole set is available for displaying this indoor Irish flag. Respect the fringe, please don’t post indoor flags on the wall. 

  • Made in America
  • Authentic design
  • Sewn stripes
  • 100% nylon
  • Grommet version sewn with a heading and grommets 
  • Indoor version made with a sleeve for mounting and gold fringe

Fly the vivid orange and green tri-panel with pride, and show off your love of Irish history in style with this official Irish Republic flag.

History of the Ireland Flag

While the tricolor pattern may seem somewhat plain, the colors of the Irish flag actually symbolize hundreds of years of rich Irish history. From left to right the flag displays a vivid green panel, a crisp white center panel, and finally a bright orange stripe. Each color represents a different historical movement, and the colors together represent lasting peace between Ireland’s people. Green stands in for Ireland’s Roman Catholic population, while orange represents the Protestants, as led by William of Orange. The white in the center is meant to convey trust and union between the two religious factions.

 Fun Fact!

 Although the flag has been considered the national flag of Ireland since it was first flown during Easter Rising of 1916, the flag was not officially confirmed by the Constitution of Ireland until some twenty years later, in 1937.


*Flags with pole sleeve and fringe should be used on our indoor mounting sets, only. These flags are not designed for hanging on wall or outdoor flagpoles. Any flag with pole sleeve & fringe is finished with lined pole sleeves, leather tabs, and golden yellow fringe on 3 sides.

Other Details

Capital: Dublin
Language(s): Irish, English
Currency: Euro €
Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Flag Meaning: The green represents the Gaelic tradition, the orange stands from the followers of William of Orange, and the white symbolizes the desire for peace between them.