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Kyrgyzstan Flag

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The Kyrgyz flag is red with a yellow sun in the center with 40 rays. 2 groups of 4 lines cross the sun to form a lattice.
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Our Kyrgyzstan flag is manufactured in the USA using nylon, a lightweight fabric that is quick-drying, which helps to prevent mildew growth after rain. The red field and traditional sun symbol are digitally printed for intricate details and rich, UV-resistant colors.

Each flag comes equipped with a sturdy canvas heading and brass grommets for secure mounting on any of our outdoor flagpoles. We offer the Kyrgyz Republic flag in sizes 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, and 6’ x 10’. The 3’ x 5’ flag is our bestseller and an excellent fit for our 6’ tangle-free flagpole.

Kyrgyzstan Flag Features:

  • Made in America, supporting domestic industry
  • Official 2023 design
  • 100% fray-resistant nylon
  • Strong canvas heading
  • Brass grommets for reliable attachment

Note: We recommend lowering flags during severe weather to lengthen their lifespan. Read our blog post on flag care for more tips.

Check out our indoor Kyrgyzstan flag with gold fringe and a pole sleeve for ceremonial displays.

Kyrgyzstan Flag Meaning & History

The flag of Kyrgyzstan was adopted on March 3, 1992, the day after the country had joined the United Nations. The design was revised in 2023 to straighten out the sun’s rays, which were initially wavy, and to add additional lines inside the sun.

The red background represents courage, bravery, and the folk hero Manas. The central sun symbolizes prosperity and peace, and the 40 rays stand for the 40 tribes that Manas had united to fight against the Mongols. Inside the sun are eight intersecting lines forming a lattice, which is meant to depict the interior roof of a yurt, a traditional nomadic tent.

Other Details

Capital: Bishkek
Language(s): Kyrgyz, Russian
Currency: Som
Government: Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Flag Meaning: The red background honors Manas the Noble, a national hero who united the country.The sun shines light down on the country.