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Liechtenstein Flag

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The Liechtenstein flag has 2 horizontal blue and red stripes. In the upper left is a gold crown.
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Our Liechtenstein flags are crafted from high-quality nylon fabric in the USA. Nylon is a lightweight material that can fly regally, even in gentle breezes. The stripes and crown are digitally printed to ensure an intricate, crisp design and bold colors.

Each flag comes equipped with a robust canvas heading and brass grommets for secure attachment to an outdoor flagpole. If you plan on displaying this flag horizontally, we recommend adding grommets to the fly corners.

Liechtenstein Flag Features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the United States
  • Official 1982 design
  • 100% weather-resistant nylon
  • Reinforced canvas heading
  • Brass grommets for reliable mounting

Our indoor Liechtenstein flag, adorned with gold fringe and a pole sleeve, is an excellent choice for formal displays.

Liechtenstein Flag Meaning & History

Liechtenstein was originally a principality in the Holy Roman Empire and only became a sovereign state in 1866. The first national flag used the same red and blue stripes as the current design but was placed vertically instead of horizontally. The stripes were made horizontal in 1921. A crown was added to the upper left corner in 1937, and its design was slightly modified in 1982.

Prince Joseph Wenzel I, an 18th-century Prince of Liechtenstein, introduced the colors of red and blue. The crown, which was later added to the flag, also references the royal family and the nation’s history as a principality.

Liechtenstein vs Haiti Flag

During the 1936 Summer Olympics in Germany, officials from Liechtenstein and Haiti discovered that Liechtenstein’s plain blue and red flag was identical to Haiti’s civil flag. Thus, the crown was added to Liechtenstein’s national flag in 1937 to distinguish between the two.

Other Details

Motto: "Für Gott, Fürst und Vaterland" / "For God, Prince, and Fatherland"
Capital: Vaduz
Language(s): German
Currency: Swiss Franc
Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Principality
Flag Meaning: Blue represents the sky, the red is for the embers in the fireplace during gatherings, and the gold crown symbolizes that the entire country is united in heart and spirit.