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Nativity Love Burlap Garden Flag

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A Nativity Love Burlap Garden Flag with the word "Love" written in large, black and red letters. Inside the letter "O" is a black and white version of the Nativity scene.
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Embrace the heart of the holiday season with our Nativity Love Burlap Garden Flag. This flag beautifully captures the essence of the nativity story, bringing a sense of peace and reverence to your home's outdoor decor. This flag features a medium-weight, soft-feel burlap that adds a rustic yet elegant touch to the traditional holiday scene depicted. Designed to fit standard garden flagpoles, this garden flag is easy to install and display in your yard or garden. Its compatibility with common flag hardware makes it a versatile addition to your outdoor holiday decor. (Please note: garden flag poles are sold separately.) This flag is not just a decoration; it's a celebration of the love and warmth of the holiday season. The Nativity Love Burlap Garden Flag is perfect for those who seek to add a meaningful and traditional touch to their festive decorations, offering a gentle reminder of the story at the heart of Christmas.


  • 12½” x 18”
  • Double sided
  • Polyester burlap