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Norway flag
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Proudly wave the timeless symbol of Norway's rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes with the Norway Flag! Whether you're a passionate history enthusiast, a world traveler, or simply wish to pay homage to this picturesque Scandinavian gem, our Norway Flag is the perfect embodiment of all that this remarkable country represents.

Outdoor Norway Flag

Our Norwegian flags are made of quick-drying nylon, ensuring fade and mildew resistance. This material is durable for outdoor use yet remains lightweight enough to fly in light winds. Equipped with brass grommets and a sturdy canvas header, this flag attaches easily to any of our outdoor flagpoles


  • Made in America
  • Authentic design
  • 100% nylon
  • Fray-resistant stitching
  • Canvas heading
  • Brass grommets

Indoor Norway Flag

Consider getting a Norwegian flag with gold fringe around three borders for indoor-only displays. This finish is perfect for ceremonies, government buildings, or personal use. The indoor banner has a sleeve for attachment to one of our indoor flagpoles.


  • Made in America
  • Authentic design
  • 100% nylon
  • Fray-resistant stitching
  • Pole sleeve
  • Gold fringe

Note: Respect the fringe - please don’t use these flags outside, as they are not designed to withstand outdoor elements.

History & Meaning of the Norway Flag

Norway’s flag has a complicated history. During the 16th to 19th centuries, Norway used the same flag as Denmark called the Dannebrog. This was because the two kingdoms were part of the same union. In 1814, Norway was briefly an independent nation before it united with Sweden, creating a new flag: The Swedish flag with a white saltire on a red background in the upper left corner. 

The current flag of Norway first appeared in 1821 when parliament member Frederik Meltzer submitted several design proposals. The winning design was combined with the Swedish flag to create a new union flag. However, this flag was nicknamed the ‘herring salad’ due to its unappealing appearance. The modern national flag, without any Swedish marks, was first flown in 1899, shortly before the dissolution of the union in 1905.

Other Details

Capital: Oslo
Language(s): Norwegian
Currency: Norwegian Krone
Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Flag Meaning: The cross is a link to Scandinavia, and the colors were influenced by France, UK, and the US.