Solar Lights

Outdoor Flagpole Solar Lights

  • A side profile of the solar light with the LED lights turned on.

    Solar Light for 15' to 25' Flagpoles

    Did you know that according to the US Flag Code, the American flag should be lit up if being flown at night? Instead of taking your flag down every day, simply add our solar lights for a flagpole! This light charges its AA Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries...
  • A black solar flagpole light is attached to a silver pole. The lightbulb is pointed upwards, and the solar panel is connected through a wire.

    Solar Light for Tangle Free Flagpole

    According to the US Flag Code, if the American flag is displayed 24 hours a day, it must be properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. The Solar Micro Light is the solution to properly illuminating your US flag without requiring electrical work...