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United Arab Emirates Flag with Gold Fringe

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The indoor UAE flag has 3 sides of gold fringe around a horizontal green, white, and black tricolor. On the left is a vertical red stripe.
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Our indoor United Arab Emirates flag is constructed in the USA from nylon, a fabric with a luxurious look and feel. The tricolor and red stripe are added using advanced digital printing technology for sharp lines and bright, vibrant colors that last.

These flags are finished with a ceremonial gold fringe along three edges and a pole sleeve for quick attachment to one of our indoor flagpoles. We offer this flag in the sizes 3’ x 5’ and 4’ x 6’. If you aren’t sure which option best suits your space, check out our table of common indoor pole heights and their matching flag size.

UAE Flag with Fringe Features:

  • Crafted in the United States
  • Authentic 1971 design
  • 100% pure nylon
  • Honorably enriched with gold fringe
  • Convenient pole sleeve
  • Leather tabs for security

Note: These flags are not designed for outdoor use and may become damaged if exposed.

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