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Vermont Flag with Gold Fringe

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The indoor Vermont flag has 3 sides of gold fringe around the dark blue field. In the center is a seal depicting a cow & hay under a tree.
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Our indoor Vermont flag offers a formal display for schools, courtrooms, and government offices. This flag includes gold fringe detailing and a convenient pole sleeve.

This flag is proudly constructed in the USA from lightweight nylon, known for its quality and excellent draping properties. The state seal is digitally printed on the flag, ensuring vibrant colors that stand out under natural and artificial light. We recommend using a flag spreader on your pole if you want to customize the flag’s drapes to make the seal more prominently visible.

Our Vermont flag with fringe pairs seamlessly with our range of indoor flagpoles for a complete display. Look at our table of indoor pole heights and suggested flag size pairings to help decide which size suits you.

Vermont Indoor Flag Features:

  • USA manufactured, part of our commitment to high-quality flag production
  • Authentic 1923 design
  • 100% premium nylon material
  • Formal gold fringe
  • Simple pole sleeve for quick and secure flag mounting
  • Durable leather tabs
  • Single/Reverse design, with a mirror image on the reverse side

Note: This flag is designed specifically for indoor use, except in the case of parades or ceremonies. Respect the fringe, and don’t pin these flags directly to a wall.

For outdoor use, consider our sturdy Vermont state flag with a canvas header and brass grommets, which is ideal for external conditions.