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Virginia Flag with Gold Fringe

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The indoor Virginia flag has 3 sides of gold fringe around the dark blue field. In the center is a seal depicting a woman standing over a king.
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Our Virginia flag with fringe is designed to add an elegant touch to any room. These flags come with 3 sides of formal gold fringe and a convenient pole sleeve, making them suitable for display on any of our indoor flagpoles.

Crafted with excellence in the USA, this flag is made from high-quality nylon fabric that drapes well. The Virginia state seal is accurately depicted through precise digital printing, creating UV-resistant colors. Indoor flags can still be exposed to sun damage through windows or other openings, so it’s essential to use suitable inks.

Virginia Indoor Flag Highlights:

  • Proudly American-made, supporting domestic craftsmanship
  • Authentic 1912 design
  • 100% lightweight nylon
  • Three borders of gold fringe
  • Pole sleeve for easy and secure attachment to indoor flagpoles
  • Leather tabs for added durability
  • Single/Reverse design, with a mirrored version of the design on the reverse side

Usage Note: This flag is intended primarily for indoor display, as the gold fringe is not designed for outdoor conditions. Flags with fringe should not be hung directly on a wall.

For outdoor settings, please see our Virginia state flags with reinforced headers and grommets for outdoor use.