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Wyoming Flag with Gold Fringe

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The indoor Wyoming flag has 3 sides of gold fringe around the red and white-bordered blue field. In the center is a bison and state seal.
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This flag is a superb choice for government buildings, educational settings, or any indoor location where the Wyoming flag is displayed with pride.

Our indoor Wyoming flag is elegantly trimmed with gold fringe on three sides, adding a ceremonial grace to its appearance. The included pole sleeve allows for quick installation on any of our indoor flagpoles.

Constructed in the United States, this Wyoming flag with fringe is crafted from high-quality nylon. The bold colors and intricate details of Wyoming's bison icon and state seal are captured beautifully through digital printing, ensuring vibrant colors. Furthermore, our inks are UV-resistant, protecting your flag even if it is placed in direct sunlight from windows.

Wyoming Indoor Flag Highlights:

  • Made in America, continuing our tradition of domestically produced flags
  • Authentic 1917 design
  • 100% lightweight nylon fabric
  • Formal gold fringe detailing
  • Convenient pole sleeve for easy mounting
  • Durable leather tabs provide added security
  • Single/Reverse construction, which means that the design is mirrored on the reverse side

Note: This flag is meant for use in indoor environments. Gold fringe is delicate and can become damaged by most weather conditions. 

For those needing an outdoor version, view our general-purpose Wyoming state flag with a robust header and brass grommets.