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Air Force Flag

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The Air Force flag has a dark blue background, and the Air Force seal is in the center. The seal depicts a bald eagle perched on a shield.
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The Air Force is one of the most popular service branches in the United States military, and because it has the highest reenlistment rate of all military branches, it’s one of the most difficult to join! Are you an Air Force service member, relative, or even just a fan? Fly the official US Air Force Flag to show your support and pride for this branch's commitment to protecting our great nation. 


This flag is made in the United States from your choice of nylon or polyester. Nylon is a great general-purpose fabric that is light and can fly in mild winds. Additionally, nylon is a quick-drying material, which helps prevent mildew growth in humid or rainy areas. Polyester is a heavier-duty fabric that is designed for rough wind and weather conditions. 

This flag is finished with a durable canvas header and brass grommets, making it easy to install on a flagpole such as our best-selling tangle-free pole.

Our American-made Air Force flag is perfect for personnel, family members, and supporters of those serving in this incredibly sought-after military branch. Display your USAF flag proudly, either indoors or outdoors, today!


  • Made in America
  • Authentic design
  • Canvas heading
  • Brass grommets

Are you interested in setting up an indoor display honoring the Air Force? Take a look at our Air Force flag with gold fringe and a pole sleeve.

Note: Polyester flags are too heavy for most residential house-mounted flagpoles. We recommend flying polyester flags on an inground flagpole instead.


The United States Air Force is the second youngest United States military branch. Officially founded in 1947 as an independent service, aerial forces were deployed as part of the Army as early as WW1. Only 4 percent of servicemembers are pilots; most personnel work to defend the country's air, space, and cyberspace through mission support, security and law enforcement, and rescue missions.  


The United States Air Force flag consists of a coat of arms, 13 white stars, and the Air Force Seal, all on an ultramarine blue background. The stars symbolize the original 13 colonies, and the three stars found above the gold eagle also represent cooperation between the Air Force, Army, and Navy branches. The Air Force’s official color is ultramarine blue to represent the sky. The gold found on the eagle and seal symbolizes the sun and the excellence required of its personnel.