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Austria Flag

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The Austria flag has 3 horizontal red, white, and red stripes.
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Celebrate Austria's heritage and culture with a high-quality national flag.

Our Austrian flag is produced in the USA using premium nylon fabric, a lightweight material that dries quickly. The flag’s stripes are digitally printed for vivid, bold colors that are UV-resistant, even under direct sunlight.

These flags come equipped with a sturdy canvas heading and brass grommets for secure mounting on any of our outdoor flagpoles. We offer this flag in sizes 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, and 6’ x 10’. Look at our table of flagpole heights and corresponding flag sizes to decide which option suits your pole.

Austria Flag Features

  • Manufactured in the USA, supporting domestic industry
  • Historical 1230 design
  • 100% nylon for outdoor flying
  • Reinforced canvas heading
  • Rust-resistant brass grommets

For the state ensign featuring the eagle and coat of arms, view our Austria with Eagle Flag.

Are you interested in a formal version? Our indoor Austria flag comes finished with three sides of gold fringe and a pole sleeve.

Austria Flag Meaning & History

Austria’s flag consists of three equal horizontal bands of red, white, and red. It is one of the oldest national symbols, dating back to the 13th century and the Siege of Acre. Legend has it that Duke Leopold V of Austria's white surcoat was soaked with blood during battle, leaving only a white band where his belt had been. He then adopted this color scheme as his banner. This flag has since been considered representative of Austria, although the national flag was replaced with other designs several times until its last formal adoption in 1945.

Other Details

Capital: Vienna
Language(s): German
Currency: Euro €
Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic
Flag Meaning: The white represents peace and honesty, while the red represents hardiness, valor, strength, and bravery.