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Black Lives Matter Flag

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This Black Lives Matter flag has a black background with a white rectangle in the center. The text is “Black” in white text, “Lives” in black text in the white rectangle, and “Matter” in white text.
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Black Lives Matter is a movement designed with the mission to build local power and intervene when violence is inflicted on black communities. This flag is the symbol of these ideals. As an act of support, many worldwide have flown the flag, whether in public spaces or homes. If you’re a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, proudly fly this flag at protests, rallies, or high atop your flagpole with an American flag at home.

An authentic BLM flag design adorns nylon material, making it durable and quick-drying for everyday use. It’ll easily connect to any of our flagpoles. This flag is also made with a canvas header and brass grommets to provide added durability.

These BLM flags are available in our best-selling 3’ x 5’ size, great for our 6’ tangle-free flagpole. Order both today for free shipping!


  • Made in America

  • Authentic design

  • 3’ x 5’

  • Nylon

  • Canvas header

  • Brass grommets


* is politically neutral, this is not an endorsement of any party or association*



Black Lives Matter is an international human rights movement originating from within the black community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism toward black people. While specific organizations label themselves as “Black Lives Matter,” the overall movement is a decentralized network of people and organizations with no hierarchy. 

The black background with white text flag design was adopted as the symbol of racial injustice and protest in 2020 after the death of African American George Floyd. This event led to the popularization of the campaign in the United States. Since then, this design has been the quintessential flag for the BLM movement.