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Cape Verde Flag

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The Cape Verde flag is dark blue with three white and red stripes on the lower half, with a circle on top of 10 yellow stars.
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Our Cape Verde flags are produced in America from premium nylon fabric, a lightweight material that flies proudly even in gentle breezes. The deep background color and details are digitally printed for a precise design, with each element clearly depicted.

These flags are completed with a strong canvas header and brass grommets for outdoor flying from any standard flagpole. If you’re thinking about displaying this flag on a wall indoors, we recommend adding additional grommets to the fly corners.

Cape Verde Flag Highlights

  • Made in America, following our mission of supporting domestic industry
  • Official 1992 design
  • 100% pure nylon
  • White canvas heading
  • Brass grommets for easy attachment

For formal displays, take a look at our indoor Cape Verde flag finished with gold fringe and a pole sleeve.

Cape Verde Flag Meaning & History

The flag of Cape Verde was officially adopted on September 22, 1992. The first national flag was of a similar design to that of Guinea-Bissau, as both countries were planning to unite in 1975 after independence from Portugal. However, after independence was achieved, the plans for unification were scrapped.

The ten stars on the lower part of the flag symbolize the primary islands of Cape Verde. The blue background stands for the sky and the ocean. The three stripes of white and red represent the nation’s progress, with white standing for peace and red for effort.

Other Details

Capital: Praia
Language(s): Portuguese
Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo
Government: Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
Flag Meaning: The stars symbolize the islands, the circle of stars refers to the nation's unity, the blue represents infinite space of the sea and sky, the stripes symbolize the undergoing construction, and the white stands for peace while the red stands for the effort put forth by the country.