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Cayman Islands Red Flag

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The red Cayman Islands flag has a Union Jack in the canton and a coat of arms on the right, depicting a shield and turtle.
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Our red Cayman Islands flag is manufactured in the United States using nylon, a lightweight fabric that flies even in gentle breezes. Additionally, nylon’s lightness means that it is a quick-drying fabric, which helps prevent mildew growth after contact with water. The Red Ensign and national coat of arms are digitally printed for a vibrant, UV-resistant design that will resist fading even under direct sunlight.

Each Cayman Islands civil flag has a strong canvas header and brass grommets for reliable mounting on any outdoor flagpole.

Cayman Islands Civil Flag Features

  • Proudly produced in the USA
  • Official civil flag design
  • 100% premium nylon fabric
  • Reinforced canvas header
  • Brass grommets for secure attachment

For the national flag, take a look at our Cayman Islands blue flag.

Cayman Islands Red Flag Meaning & History

The ‘red flag’ of the Cayman Islands, also known as a civil ensign, is commonly flown by boats to represent their origin or connection to the country. British merchant ships initially used the Red Ensign in the early 1700s.

On the right is the Cayman Islands’ national coat of arms. Inside the shield are three green stars that stand for the inhabited islands of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. Above is a lion, which is a traditional symbol of Great Britain. On top of the shield is a turtle with a pineapple behind it, representing sailing and the country’s relationship with Jamaica, respectively.

Other Details

Motto: "He hath founded it upon the seas"
Capital: George Town
Language(s): English
Currency: Cayman Islands Dollar
Government: British Overseas Territory
Flag Meaning: The Union Jack honors the ties the territory has to England, and the emblem is the coat of arms of the Cayman Islands.