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Dominica Flag

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The Dominica flag is green with horizontal & vertical yellow, black & white stripes. In the center is a red circle with a purple parrot.
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Our flag of Dominica is produced in America from high-quality nylon fabric, a lightweight material that flies easily, even in gentle breezes. The iconic parrot and bold design are digitally printed for precise details and deep colors. The inks used in the printing process are UV-resistant, which helps to prevent sun damage from outdoor use.

The Commonwealth of Dominica flag comes with a sturdy canvas header and brass grommets for simple installation on an outdoor flagpole. We offer this flag in sizes 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, and 6’ x 10’. Look at our table of standard flagpole sizes and their matching proportional flag size to help you decide which option best suits your space.

Dominica Flag Features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Authentic 1978 design
  • 100% durable nylon
  • Reinforced canvas heading
  • Rust-resistant brass grommets

We also offer the Dominica flag finished with a ceremonial gold fringe and a pole sleeve for indoor displays.

Dominica Flag Colors, Meaning, & History

The current flag of Dominica was adopted in 1978 and revised several times before the last update in 1990. Alwin Bully created the original design while the country was in the process of attaining independence from Great Britain.

The green background color stands for the island’s vegetation and plant life, while the yellow, black, and white stripes represent the country’s citizens, arable land, and water. The red circle in the center symbolizes justice, and the ten green stars inside represent Dominica’s ten parishes.

The central animal is the sisserou parrot, the national bird of Dominica. The endangered sisserou parrot is native to Dominica, and only about 250 to 350 individuals of the species are left.

Other Details

Motto: "After God is the Earth"
Capital: Roseau
Language(s): English
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Government: Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Flag Meaning: The ten green stars symbolize hope and the ten parishes of Dominica. The Sisserou Parrot is the official bird and represents the journey towards greater things and comes from the coat of arms. The stripes come together to make a cross which symbolizes the Trinity of God. The yellow embodies the sunshine, the white stands for clarity and purity, the black represents the soil and African heritage, and the green exemplifies the lushness of the land.