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The Italy flag is a tricolor flag with three vertical bands of equal size. From left to right, the bands are green, white, and red.
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Ciao! Greet your friends and customers with this authentic Italian flag. Whether you want to invoke the comfort of homemade Italian pasta or the splendor of world-renowned art and architecture, this American-made Italy flag will look spectacular flying inside or out. 

Our Italian Flags 
  • Made in America
  • Authentic design
  • Sewn stripes
  • 100% nylon
  • Sewn edges
  • Durable & fast drying
  • Grommet version sewn with a heading and grommets
  • Indoor version made with a sleeve for mounting and gold fringe
Italian Flag History

Italy has been a cultural center for centuries but was not united as one country under one flag until 1861. In the late 18th century, many European nations took inspiration from the French tricolor flag and adopted this bold and easily identifiable design. 

The Italian flag history includes a non-traditional square shape that eventually morphed into the current rectangular design. The eagle of Napoleon was added to the center of the flag until the end of his rule in 1814. Variations such as the Maritime Italy Ensign flag are still used today. 

Il Tricolour was officially adopted in 1948 and is celebrated every January 7, Tricolor Day. 

Italian Flag Meaning

Over centuries of use, the green, red and white of the Italian flag have been said to represent a variety of Italian values and cultural significance. 

  1. Green symbolizes social equality, freedom and hope. It is also a nod to the lush green fields of the Italian landscape. 

  2. Red represents love and charity and acknowledges the blood spilled in the formation of the nation. 

  3. White traditionally symbolizes faith. It also recalls the white snow-capped Alps.




*Flags with pole sleeve and fringe should be used on our indoor mounting sets. These flags are not designed for hanging on wall or outdoor flagpoles. Any flag with pole sleeve & fringe is finished with lined pole sleeves, leather tabs, and golden yellow fringe on 3 sides.

Other Details

Capital: Rome
Language(s): Italian
Currency: Euro €
Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Flag Meaning: The green stands for plains and hills, the white refers to the snow covered Alps, and the red symbolizes the blood spilled for independence.