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New Zealand flag

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A dark blue New Zealand flag with the Union Jack in the top left corner and four stars in a diamond formation on the right.
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The national symbol of New Zealand is recognizable worldwide, thanks to its rich legacy of rugby, varied landscapes, and Māori culture. Add a piece of the land of the long white cloud to your home with one of our New Zealand flags!

Outdoor New Zealand Flag

These flags are created in the United States out of 100% nylon and extra stitching to help prevent fraying. Our outdoor model uses a canvas heading and brass grommets for easy attachment to a tangle-free flagpole or any outdoor flagpole.


  • Made in the USA
  • Authentic design
  • 100% nylon
  • Fray-resistant stitching
  • Canvas heading
  • Brass grommets 

Indoor New Zealand Flag

 For a more regal display, try our indoor version of the flag of New Zealand. This flag features gold fringe around the border and a sleeve for use with an indoor flagpole.


  • Made in the USA
  • Authentic design
  • 100% nylon
  • Fray-resistant stitching
  • Sleeve
  • Gold fringe

Note: Gold fringe is designed for indoor use. For best results, keep these flags inside.

History & Meaning of the New Zealand Flag

New Zealand’s flag is heavily influenced by its history as a colony of the British Empire, as the design is a variant of the British maritime ‘Blue Ensign’ flag, which consists of a Union Jack in the upper left corner of a dark blue background. On the New Zealand flag, four red and white stars were added to represent the constellation of the Southern Cross.

In 2016, the national government held a referendum on changing the flag’s design. Among the plans was a flag that featured a silver fern with stars and one that used a curling fern pattern known as the Māori koru. However, most voters chose to keep the traditional flag design, and no changes were made.

Other Details

Capital: Wellington
Language(s): English, Māori
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Flag Meaning: The Union Jack in the corner symbolizes their past as a commonwealth. The blue background does double duty for the sky and the water that surrounds the country. The stars represent the constellation the Southern Cross.