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South Vietnam Flag

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The South Vietnam flag has 3 narrow horizontal red stripes on a yellow background.
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Represent South Vietnam's history with our high-quality flag. Manufactured in the USA from premium nylon, our South Vietnam flag is built for outdoor flying. Nylon is a sturdy yet lightweight fabric, meaning that it can fly even in mild winds. The distinctive red stripes and yellow background are digitally printed, creating UV and fade-resistant colors, even under direct sunlight.

Our South Vietnam flags come with a durable canvas header and brass grommets for flying from any of our outdoor flagpoles. Refer to our table of recommended flag sizes and corresponding flagpole heights to determine which flag best suits your needs.

South Vietnam Flag Features

  • Proudly made in the USA for exceptional quality
  • Authentic 1948 design
  • 100% nylon for outdoor or indoor use
  • Sturdy white canvas header
  • Brass grommets for reliable mounting

For those interested in an indoor display, check out our indoor South Vietnam flag, elegantly finished with gold fringe and equipped with a pole sleeve.

Flag of South Vietnam Meaning & History

Originally adopted in 1948, this design served as the national flag of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) until the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. The yellow background symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and country. The three red stripes stand for the three regions of Vietnam: North, Central, and South. After the reunification of Vietnam following the war, this flag was replaced by the current flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Other Details

Motto: "Tổ quốc - Danh dự - Trách nhiệm" / "Fatherland – Honor – Duty"
Capital: Saigon
Language(s): Vietnamese
Currency: đồng
Government: Presidential Republic Under a Military Dictatorship
Flag Meaning: The flag is in honor of the flag that Emperor Thành Thái.