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Texas Flag with Gold Fringe

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The indoor Texas flag has 3 sides of gold fringe around the blue, white & red fields. In the blue field on the right, there is a white star.
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Our indoor Texas flag is a proud symbol of the Lone Star State, ideal for displays in educational settings, government buildings, or ceremonies. This flag is gracefully accented with gold fringe on three sides and features a pole sleeve, ensuring an impressive display on any indoor flagpole.

Made with love in the USA, our Texas flag with fringe is crafted from high-quality nylon, forming a luxurious appearance and feel. The flag's iconic lone star and bold colors are vividly detailed through digital printing. This also creates a UV-resistant design, helping protect your flag from sun damage through windows or skylights.

Indoor Texas Flag Highlights:

  • Skillfully produced in the United States, supporting domestic labor
  • Authentic 1839 design featuring the classic lone star
  • 100% premium nylon fabric
  • Gold fringe for honorable enrichment
  • Pole sleeve for easy mounting on indoor flagpoles
  • Durable leather tabs for a secure display
  • Single-reverse construction with a mirror version of the design on the reverse

Note: This flag is tailored for indoor use, except during outdoor ceremonial occasions. The gold fringe is not designed for exposure to outdoor weather and should be protected from the elements. Flags with fringe are not intended to be mounted directly on walls.

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