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Texas Flag

The state flag of Texas has a blue stripe to the left with a lone white star. A white stripe at the top and a red stripe at the bottom complete this immediately recognizable symbol.
American flag flying high on a bronze flagpole with a Texas flag beneath. Submitted by Doug H.
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The state flag of Texas has a blue stripe to the left with a lone white star. A white stripe at the top and a red stripe at the bottom complete this immediately recognizable symbol.
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About the Texas Flag

The authentic Texas flag, once the standard of a nation, is one of the most identifiable state flags. Everyone will immediately know that you are a proud Texan when you display this American-made flag. With a state motto of “friendship,” you can extend that welcome to everyone by hanging this stunning flag at your home or business. 

The second-largest state in the nation has a remarkable history of rallying under the Lone Star flag. With famous battles like the Alamo strengthening the resolve of Texans, this flag symbolizes both the rural cattle lands and the sprawling metropolitan cities within its borders. 

The Lone Star Flag, so named because of the single white star in a blue field, was adopted in 1839 by the Republic of Texas. When Texas became the 28th state in 1845, its national flag became the state flag. 

The original Texas flag was the Burnet flag- a solid field of blue with a single yellow star. The Lone Star symbolized the solidarity of all of Texas united, declaring independence from Mexico. That solitary star was carried onto the current design. The Texas flag colors are red, white, and blue. The colors of the flag, just like the American flag, carry heavy symbolism: 

  • Red for bravery
  • Blue for loyalty
  • White for purity

Our Texas Flags

All of our Texas flags are made in America. We offer sizes from 12" x 18" up to the massive 20' x 38'! No other state flag is available in sizes as large as this Texas flag is! For areas with particularly heavy winds, we suggest the polyester Texas flag.

  • 12" x 18" - 20' x 38'
  • Polyester or Nylon
  • Indoor & outdoor options available

How to Hang a Texas Flag

Texas has an official flag code adopted in 1933. If you are flying your Texas flag outdoors with an American flag, the flags should be approximately the same size and on flagpoles of similar height. The American flag should be to the left of the state flag from the observer’s point of view. If the flags are on the same flagpole, the American flag should be above the state flag. The white stripe of the Texas flag is always at the top. 

The Texas flag can also be hung vertically. The blue stripe with the white star is at the top and the red stripe should be to the viewer’s right. Using an adjustable bracket will allow you the freedom to choose the angle for Texas flag flying that is appropriate for you. 

The Lone Star state also adopted a pledge of allegiance in 1933.

           "Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible"

Fact of Fiction?

There is an urban legend that the Texas flag is the only state flag allowed to fly at the same height as the US flag. This is not true.


*Flags with pole sleeve and fringe should be used on our indoor mounting sets. These flags are not designed for hanging on wall or outdoor flagpoles. Any flag with pole sleeve & fringe is finished with lined pole sleeves, leather tabs, and golden yellow fringe on 3 sides.

For information on how long your flag should last and how to increase its lifespan, check out our blog on flag care

Other Details

Capitol: Austin
Flag Adopted: June 30, 1839
Entered Union: December 29, 1845
Motto: "Friendship"
Nickname: The Lone Star State
Known For: The Alamo, Dr Pepper
State Bird: Northern Mockingbird
State Flower: Bluebonnets
State Mammal: Texas Longhorn
Famous Texans: Jensen Ackles, Wes Anderson, Matthew Bomer, Laura Bush, Alexis Bledel, Tommy Lee Jones, Billy Gibbons