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Colombia Flag

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The Colombia flag is a horizontal yellow, blue, and red tricolor. The yellow stripe takes up half the width of the flag.
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Our Colombia flag is constructed in the United States using premium nylon fabric, a lightweight material that flies gracefully even in gentle breezes. The iconic tricolor is digitally printed for vivid, bold colors. The inks used in the printing process are UV-resistant, which helps prevent fading due to sun damage.

Each flag has a sturdy canvas heading and brass grommets for easy attachment to an outdoor flagpole. We offer the Colombian flag in sizes 12” x 18”, 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, and 6’ x 10’. Look at our table of standard flagpole heights and their recommended flag size to help you decide which option is best for your needs.

The Flag of Colombia Features:

  • Manufactured in the USA, supporting American craftsmanship
  • Authentic 1861 design
  • 100% pure nylon
  • Durable canvas heading
  • Brass grommets for reliable mounting

Interested in an indoor or ceremonial version? We also offer the Colombia flag adorned with gold fringe and a pole sleeve.

Colombia Flag Meaning & History

Colombia’s flag symbolizes independence, which several South American countries, including Ecuador and Venezuela, achieved from Spain on July 20, 1810. The flag’s design is based on Francisco de Miranda’s flag of Gran Colombia, a state that existed from 1819 to 1831 and was led by Simón Bolívar.

The flag's colors have specific meanings: Yellow represents wealth, gold, and the sun, blue represents the skies and seas of Colombia, and red symbolizes the blood spilled and the struggle of the Colombian people for independence.

Other Details

Motto: "Libertad y Orden" / "Freedom and Order"
Capital: Bogotá D.C
Language(s): Spanish
Currency: Peso
Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag Meaning: The yellow symbolizes the gold found in Colombia, the blue stands for the seas on the shore, and the red represents the blood shed for freedom.