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Idaho Flag

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The Idaho Flag shows the state seal of Idaho at the center of the dark blue flag. Written around the outside of the circular seal is "Great seal of the state of Idaho". In the center of the seal is a woman representing Liberty on the left and a Miner on the right. sheaves of wheat and cornucopias of fruits and vegetables are shown in the foreground of the seal. Beneath the seal on a gold and red banner is written "State of Idaho".
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Remind yourself of the scenic mountain landscapes of Idaho with this Idaho State flag. This flag representing the Gem State is available in multiple options to suit your indoor or outdoor needs. 

Outdoor Idaho Flag

Made with lightweight nylon material, these outdoor flags will fly in even the lightest of breezes. The high-quality printing prevents fading and allows for long-term use. These Idaho flags are weather resistant and look great mounted on one of our outdoor flagpoles.

Outdoor Idaho Flag Features:

  • American made
  • Authentic design
  • 100% durable nylon
  • Sewn edges
  • Strong canvas heading
  • Metal grommets 
Indoor Idaho Flag

If you need a formal flag for the inside of a government building, school, or lodge, choose our gold fringed option. Give this flag the true appreciation it deserves by putting it on one of our indoor flagpoles.

Indoor Idaho Flag Features:

  • American made
  • Authentic 1957 design
  • 100% glossy nylon flag
  • Pole sleeve for indoor poles
  • Decorative gold fringe

Note: These flags should be kept indoors. The gold fringe is not designed to be in the outdoor elements.

History and Meaning of the Idaho Flag

The flag of Idaho showcases the state’s Great Seal. This seal features an illustration of a miner and a female, symbolizing justice, liberty, and equality. The shield inside the seal typifies the state’s present and history. Additional symbols on the seal represent the natural resources of the state, such as farmland, forests, wildlife, and mines. 

The seal for the territory, designed by Emma Edwards Green, was first created and adopted in 1863, although it was changed multiple times before Idaho joined the union as a state in 1890. The seal was first used in a flag in 1898 when it was used as a military banner during the Spanish-American War. It wasn’t until 1907 that Idaho decided it needed a state flag. This 1907 legislation specified that the flag needed to be blue with the name of the state on it. Besides that, the Idaho Adjutant General had control over the final design. To honor the First Idaho Infantry, the Great Seal was added to the flag. At the time, the Great Seal had multiple representations, so flag designs varied. In 1957 the legislature created a law that an approved version of the Great Seal would be used on the state flag. This is the flag that is still used today. 


Other Details

Capitol: Boise
Flag Adopted: November 2, 1957
Entered Union: July 3, 1890
Motto: "Esto perpetua" / "Let it be perpetual"
Nickname: Gem State
Known For: Potatoes, Borah Peak
State Bird: Mountain Bluebird
State Flower: Syringa
State Mammal: Appaloosa Horse
Famous Idahoans: Aaron Paul, Ezra Pound, Lana Turner, Sacajawea, Jake Plummer