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Maryland Flag

The Maryland flag combines Lord Baltimore’s orange & black banner with the red & white Crossland banner in 4 alternating quadrants.
Sky view of Maryland Flag flying on flag pole
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The Maryland flag combines Lord Baltimore’s orange & black banner with the red & white Crossland banner in 4 alternating quadrants.
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Celebrate the home of the United States Naval Academy, Baltimore sports, and the Chesapeake Bay with the Maryland state flag. Maryland is a state close to our hearts here at, where our company originated.

In 1990, the founder of, a U.S. Marine, and his wife wanted to put a flagpole outside their Maryland home, but products were scarce. They opened a business and sold flags and flagpoles out of their house to the public because they knew they weren’t the only ones looking for these products.

All of our Maryland state flags are proudly manufactured in the United States. We offer flags crafted from either nylon or polyester fabric, with different advantages for each.

Nylon Maryland Flags

Nylon is an excellent general-purpose material, making these flags usable for outdoor flying or indoor display. This durable material is lightweight, meaning these flags will fly even in mild breezes. Our nylon flag of Maryland comes in a wide range of sizes and is suitable for most outdoor flagpoles.

Polyester Maryland Flags

Polyester is more durable than nylon and is ideal for regions with strong winds or saltwater environments. Please note that polyester flags are too heavy for house-mounted flagpoles and that we recommend flying these flags on inground poles instead.


  • Produced in America
  • Official 1904 design
  • 100% nylon or polyester
  • Strong canvas header for durable attachment*
  • Rust-resistant brass grommets*

*For flags measuring 6' x 10' or smaller, the flag comes with a durable header and grommets for easy mounting. Larger flags are equipped with sturdy ropes and galvanized thimbles, offering more durability.

Are you planning on displaying Maryland’s flag inside? You’re looking for our indoor state flag of Maryland, finished with three borders of gold fringe and a pole sleeve.

Botonee Cross

The Maryland Flag Code dictates that any pole flying the state flag outside schools or government buildings should be topped with a Botonee cross ornament. Individuals and businesses do not have to follow this guideline but are encouraged to do so.

Why are Flags at Half Mast Today in Maryland?

Register for our free half-staff alert service to receive notifications whenever a half-mast or staff proclamation is issued for the state of Maryland.

Other Details

Capitol: Annapolis
Flag Adopted: November 25, 1904
Entered Union: April 28, 1788
Motto: "Fatti maschii, parole femine" / "Manly Deeds, Womanly Words"
Nickname: Old Line State, Free State, Little America, America in Miniature
Known For: Blue Crab, Chesapeake Bay
State Bird: Baltimore Oriole
State Flower: Black-eyed Susan
Famous Marylanders: John Wilkes Booth, Frederick Douglass, Billie Holiday, Francis Scott Key, Frank Zappa, David Hasselhoff