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Massachusetts Flag

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The white MA flag has a blue shield in the center depicting a Native American archer in yellow. The state motto is written around the shield.
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If you’re a Bay Stater and want to show it, fly this Massachusetts state flag with pride. 

Our American-made Massachusetts state flags are digitally printed for vibrant colors that are UV-resistant. The lightweight nylon material is durable and water-repellent, preventing mildew growth. Each flag of Massachusetts is finished with a sturdy canvas header and brass grommets, which makes attaching this flag to any of our outdoor flagpoles a breeze.

MA State Flag Highlights

  • Made in the United States
  • Authentic 1971 design
  • 100% durable nylon
  • White canvas header for added strength*
  • Brass grommets for easy attachment to a halyard*

*For easy installation, our flags up to 8' x 12' have a header and grommets, and for added durability, larger flags come with a rope and galvanized thimbles.

For the indoor version of this flag, please view our Massachusetts state flag with gold fringe and pole sleeve.


The Massachusetts flag features the state’s coat of arms. This blue coat-of-arms consists of a Native American archer holding a bow and arrow. The arrow is held downward to symbolize peace. Next to the archer is a white star representing Massachusetts’ entry into the union as the 6th state. Below the coat of arms is a ribbon with the state motto in Latin. This motto means, “By the sword, we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.” Above the coat of arms is an arm holding a sword with the blade upwards. This symbol is a reminder of the American Revolution and the liberty won from it. 


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Other Details

Capitol: Boston
Flag Adopted: March 21, 1971
Entered Union: February 6, 1788
Motto: "Ense petit placidam sub libertate quiete" / "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty"
Nickname: The Bay State, The Old Colony State, The Codfish State
Known For: Plymouth Rock, Salem
State Bird: Chickadee
State Flower: Mayflower
Famous Bay Staters: John F. Kennedy, Matthew Perry, Dr. Seuss, Steve Carell, George H. W. Bush, Edgar Allen Poe, Rob Zombie, Paul Revere, Benjamin Frankin