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Minnesota Flag

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The Minnesota flag has two fields of dark & light blue side-by-side. The dividing line points center-left. On the left is an 8-pointed star.
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Show your pride for the North Star State with the new Minnesota state flag!  Crafted with a sturdy canvas header and brass grommets, it's a breeze to attach these flags to any of our outdoor flagpoles.

Our Minnesota state flags are manufactured from top-notch, lightweight nylon. This means they'll fly gracefully in the softest winds and dry out fast post-rain, keeping mildew at bay. As an added bonus, the special digital printing technique used on these flags ensures the colors stay bright and UV-resistant, perfect for waving proudly under sunny skies.

MN Flag Highlights:

  • Made in America, following our commitment to domestic industry
  • Official 2024 design
  • 100% premium nylon material
  • White canvas header*
  • Brass grommets for secure mounting*

*Flags size 12" x 18" - 6' x 10' come with a header and grommet, while our larger and heavier flags are equipped with a rope and galvanized thimbles.

Are you planning to create a formal indoor display featuring the new Minnesota flag? Stay tuned for our Minnesota state flag finished with an elegant gold fringe and a pole sleeve, coming soon to our collection.

Minnesota Flag Redesign

In 2022, Minnesota embarked on a journey to redesign its state flag, inviting the public to contribute their creativity. This redesign was driven by a desire to move away from the colonial imagery present in the previous flag. The response was overwhelming, with over 2,100 unique designs submitted. The chosen design was based on a submission by Andrew Prekker. His design stood out for its distinctive star shape. This new state flag becomes official on May 11, 2024.

The New Minnesota Flag Meaning

The left side of the flag features a dark blue field, an elegant nod to Minnesota's geographic outline. The light blue stripe symbolizes the state's rich abundance of lakes, reflecting Minnesota's natural beauty and its nickname, "Land of 10,000 Lakes."

Why are Flags at Half Staff in Minnesota?

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