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The Nebraska flag has a yellow state seal in the center of a dark blue field. In the seal, a blacksmith stands before a steamship and train.
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Our Nebraska state flag is a perfect way to show your Cornhusker pride! This flag is made in America with the official state seal digitally printed on high-quality nylon fabric. 

Our Nebraska flags are durable and dry quickly after rainy weather, helping prevent mildew buildup. The nylon material is also heat-resistant, allowing you to fly your flag with brilliant colors through even the hottest of summers.

We carry the Nebraska state flag in various sizes, including the standard 3’ x 5’. This flag is equipped with a strong canvas heading with brass grommets that allow for easy mounting on an outdoor flagpole. Please refer to our table of recommended flag size and pole height matches to determine which flag size is best for your pole. 

Nebraska Flag Features:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Official 1925 design
  • 100% lightweight nylon
  • Sturdy white canvas header*
  • Rust-resistant brass grommets*

*Flags smaller than 8' x 12' are designed with a header and grommets for easy installation, and the larger flags have a strong rope and galvanized thimbles for added stability.

Note: To increase the lifetime of your flag, avoid use during inclement weather conditions. For more information about flag care, check out our flag care blog.

Consider using our Nebraska state flag finished with gold fringe and a pole sleeve for formal indoor displays.

Nebraska State Flag History & Meaning

The Nebraska state seal was accepted by the legislature in 1867, the same year Nebraska was admitted to the Union. This emblem was adopted and standardized as the state flag in 1925.

The seal consists of various components that represent Nebraska and its history. In the lower center of the seal, there is a blacksmith and an anvil that symbolize Nebraska’s industry. A steamboat can be seen ascending the Missouri River. A cabin and piles of wheat are shown to embody agriculture. The top of the circle features the state’s motto, “Equality Before the Law.” 

Why are Flags at Half-Mast Today in Nebraska?

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Other Details

Capitol: Lincoln
Flag Adopted: July 16, 1963
Entered Union: March 1, 1867
Motto: "Equality before the law"
Nickname: Cornhusker State
Known For: Omaha Steaks, Kool-Aid
State Bird: Western Meadowlark
State Flower: Goldenrod
State Mammal: White-Tailed Deer
Famous Nebraskans: Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Warren Buffett, Henry Fonda, Gerald Ford, Malcolm X, Gabrielle Union, Hilary Swank