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New Jersey Flag

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The New Jersey flag has the state seal on a beige field. On the seal, two women flank a blue shield. Above it is a helmet and a horse’s head.
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Simultaneously support American manufacturing and represent the great state of New Jersey by flying a state flag made in the United States! 

Our New Jersey state flag is composed of nylon, a durable and lightweight fabric that is weather-resistant. Nylon’s lightness means that it dries quickly after rain and can fly even in gentle winds. The design on our flag of New Jersey is digitally printed, cleanly depicting every detail of the state seal. Furthermore, the inks used to create the vivid colors on this flag are UV-resistant, which helps prevent fading even under direct sunlight. 

We carry the state flag of New Jersey in a wide variety of sizes, including the standard 3’ x 5’. Easily attach this flag to any of our outdoor flagpoles using the flag’s sturdy canvas header and grommets.

NJ Flag Features:

  • Proudly made in America
  • Authentic 1896 design
  • 100% high-quality nylon
  • White canvas header for secure flying*
  • Brass grommets for easy hoisting*

*Flags size 12" x 18" - 6' x 10' come with a header and grommet, while our larger and heavier flags are equipped with a rope and galvanized thimbles.

Note: To keep your flag healthy and increase its lifespan, read our blog post on flag care and maintenance

We recommend using our formal New Jersey state flag with gold fringe for indoor displays.

New Jersey Flag History and Meaning

The New Jersey flag features the state seal in the center, which was initially designed by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere in 1777. The flag using the state seal was officially adopted on May 11, 1896.

The two figures in the seal are Lady Liberty and Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture. Between them is a shield containing three plows, representing New Jersey’s farming history. The helmet and horse’s head above the shield represent the state’s independence and self-governance. 

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Other Details

Capitol: Trenton
Flag Adopted: January 15, 1896
Entered Union: December 18, 1787
Motto: "Liberty and prosperity"
Nickname: The Garden State
Known For: Campbell's Soup, Salt Water Taffy
State Bird: Eastern Goldfinch
State Flower: Common Meadow Violet
State Mammal: Horse
Famous Granite Staters: Judy Blume, Jon Bon Jovi, Aaron Burr, Allen Ginsberg, Whitney Houston, Ice-T, Jack Nicholson, Dorothy Parker, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen