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New York Flag

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The New York flag has the state seal on a dark blue field. Lady Liberty & the Goddess of Justice flank a shield depicting the harbor in the seal.
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Represent your pride in your home state with a flag of New York! This American-made flag is the official New York State Flag, not to be confused with the flag of New York City, which we also carry.

Our New York flags are made of premium nylon fabric, a lightweight material that flies easily, even in a slight breeze. Additionally, nylon dries quickly, helping prevent the growth of mildew. The official New York flag design is digitally printed, creating bright and vibrant colors that resist UV damage from direct sunlight. 

This state flag is finished with a heavy-duty canvas header and brass grommets for quick attachment to an outdoor flagpole. If you’re interested in mounting this flag on the exterior wall of your home or business, we recommend using our 6’ tangle-free pole.

NY Flag Features:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Authentic 1901 design
  • 100% weather-resistant nylon
  • White canvas header for durable flying*
  • Rust-resistant brass grommets*

*For flags measuring 6' x 10' or smaller, the flag comes with a durable header and grommets for easy mounting. Larger flags are equipped with sturdy ropes and galvanized thimbles, offering more durability.

To set up an indoor display honoring New York, use our state flag finished with gold fringe and a pole sleeve.

What is the Flag of New York? New York State Flag Meaning & History

New York’s flag has remained relatively unchanged in the nearly two and a half centuries it has been used. It displays the coat of arms of New York, designed in 1778 by American revolutionaries. The state flag of New York was also designed that year and has only undergone one significant change: The yellow background was changed to blue in 1901. 

The center of the seal depicts the sun rising behind Mount Beacon, with the Hudson River and two ships in the foreground. The woman on the left is Lady Liberty, with her foot over the English Crown, representing the rejection of monarchy. The woman on the right is Themis, or the Goddess of Justice, who judges fairness with her weighing scales and enforces it with her sword. 

Above the seal on the flag of New York is a globe picturing Europe, Africa, and the Americas, displaying the geographic history behind the creation of New York. At the top is a bald eagle, a classic American symbol of freedom. The word “Excelsior” is written on the white ribbon below the seal, which translates as “higher” or “ever upward.”

Why are New York Flags at Half Mast Today?

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Other Details

Capitol: Albany
Flag Adopted: April 1, 1901
Entered Union: July 26, 1788
Motto: "Excelsior" / "Ever upward"
Nickname: The Empire State
Known For: Ellis Island, Broadway
State Bird: Eastern Bluebird
State Flower: Rose
State Mammal: Beaver
Famous New Yorkers: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lucille Ball, Millard Fillmore, Billy Joel, Chico, Groucho, Harpo, and Zeppo Marx, Franklin D. and Theodore Roosevelt, Tupac Shakur, Mae West