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South Carolina Flag

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The dark blue South Carolina flag has a white palmetto tree in the center, and a white crescent moon in the upper left corner.
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Show your state pride with a high-quality South Carolina Flag. 

Constructed from premium nylon, our South Carolina state flags are built for outdoor flying. The nylon fabric is lightweight, ensuring the flag flies even in light breezes, and it's quick-drying to help prevent mildew buildup. The flag's design, featuring the iconic Palmetto tree and crescent, is digitally printed with UV-resistant inks to minimize fading caused by sun exposure.

Our South Carolina flags are available in multiple sizes, ranging from the tiny 12” x 18” to the gigantic 12’ x 18’, with our 3’ x 5’ size being a customer favorite. It comes outfitted with a strong canvas header and brass grommets* for easy, secure mounting on any of our outdoor flagpoles. Consider using our 6’ tangle-free pole for wall-mounted displays outside your home or business.

SC State Flag Highlights:

  • Made in the USA, supporting American labor
  • Authentic 1861 design
  • 100% high-quality nylon
  • Reinforced canvas header*
  • Brass grommets* for quick attachment to a pole

If you’re looking to set up a formal indoor display, be sure to view our indoor South Carolina flag, featuring gold fringe and a pole sleeve for a ceremonial appearance.

*Flags size 12" x 18" - 6' x 10' come with a header and grommet, while our larger and heavier flags are equipped with a rope and galvanized thimbles.

South Carolina Flag Meaning & History

South Carolina was one of the 13 original British colonies and was the eighth state to join the United States in 1788. However, the state flag of South Carolina’s history dates back even earlier than that. A direct design lineage can be traced to 1775 and William Moultrie’s “Liberty” flag, designed as a standard for South Carolina’s militia troops defending Charleston during the American Revolutionary War.

Moultrie’s crescent has lasted as a part of the South Carolina flag ever since. The palmetto tree was added in 1861 as a reference to the palmetto trees that assisted in Moultrie’s defense of Sullivan Island.

Other Details

Capitol: Columbia
Flag Adopted: September 28, 1861
Entered Union: May 23, 1788
Motto: "Dum spiro spero" / "While I breathe, I hope"
Nickname: The Palmetto State
Known For: Myrtle Beach, Riverbanks Zoological Park
State Bird: Great Carolina Wren
State Flower: Yellow Jessamine
State Mammal: White-Tailed Deer
Famous South Carolinians: James Brown, Joe Frazier, Dizzy Gillespie, Andrew Jackson, Vanna White, Chris Rock Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari, Mary-Louise Parker