Which Flag is Right for Me?

American Made Flags - The Easy Choice

At, we proudly offer a wide variety of flags that are 100% manufactured in the United States to be of the highest possible quality. Buying an American-made flag helps support the US economy and ensures you receive an exceptional product from the finest materials. Low-cost foreign-made options are usually constructed of materials that fall apart quickly and need more frequent replacements. Choosing to buy flags made in the USA is the easy choice.

Choosing the Best Flag Material

Not all choices are as easy as choosing American-made products. When it comes to selecting the right flag, one of the key decisions you'll face is the choice of material. The most common materials for flags are nylon, polyester, and cotton, each offering unique benefits and characteristics. Understanding the differences between these materials can significantly impact the durability, appearance, and suitability of your flag for specific conditions.

Rest assured that no matter which material you choose, all our outdoor flags are made with the highest quality materials and enhanced to withstand sun, dirt, and moisture. Let's dive into the specifics of our fabric options to help you make an informed choice for your next flag purchase.

Nylon Flags – Most Popular

Nylon flags are lightweight and durable, making them great for everyday flying. Nylon is one of the best flag materials for outdoor flags. Built with Mother Nature in mind, these flags are quick-drying and UV-resistant to help minimize environmental damage. Since nylon flags are light, they can be flown on any size flagpole, including our house-mounted poles.

We highly recommend using a nylon flag for all residential and commercial fair-weather zones. However, if you live in a region with more severe weather or consistently strong winds, you may want to consider using polyester instead.

Polyester Flags – Best for High Winds

Are you looking for a flag that will hold up in stronger winds? Polyester is the best flag material for high winds and rougher weather conditions. Polyester flags are heavy-duty flags built for sea breezes and TOUGH weather. These two-ply flags can withstand high winds and daily use and abuse.

Keep in mind that polyester flags are "heavy" duty, so it's too heavy for a house-mounted flagpole. We recommend flying polyester flags on inground flagpoles.

Cotton Flags – Vintage Style

The American flag, theBetsy Ross flag, and select pleated fans are the only flags available in our vintage cotton material.

Cotton flags are commonly used for ceremonies where the flag is not displayed outside for an extended period. The 5' x 9.5' cotton American flag is specifically used for draping over a casket at a funeral or memorial service.

Since cotton is a natural material, weather elements such as rain, saltwater, and snow are more likely to cause damage than if a nylon or polyester flag was used. Therefore, cotton flags may have a shorter lifespan if flown outside for extended periods of time.

Sports Flags

Our sports flags stand out due to their unique construction. These flags are crafted in either the United States or overseas from a special type of polyester, different from the polyester used in our other flags. This specific polyester is notable for its lighter and less opaque quality, enhancing the visibility of the printed design on the reverse side of the flag, a feature particularly advantageous for sports enthusiasts who value clarity from both sides.

Decorative Flags

Like the sports flags, most of our decorative flags are made with lightweight polyester. However, our decorative flag polyester, produced overseas, is more opaque and offers a range of finishes. These finishes can be soft, burlap-like, or a more luxurious suede-like texture, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

The rest of our decorative flags are available in nylon. While our 3’ x 5’ decorative flags with header and grommets are the same American-made nylon material as our regular full-sized flags, there are a few nylon decorative flags that are different. This nylon has a glossier sheen and is most often appliqued, meaning additional pieces of fabric have been added to the flag to create a textured design.

What Size Flag Should I Get?

Generally, the length of your flag should be about a quarter of the total height of the flagpole. We’ve compiled a table for your convenience to quickly determine which flag sizes and flagpole heights match best.

We hope the information provided here will help you determine the type of flag that best suits your situation. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about flag materials from our flag experts, please call us at 800-858-8776 or message us.

Feb 12, 2024 Alexis C.

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