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American Historical Flags

American Historical Flags 

Flags are some of the most recognizable pieces of history - and these American flags each are a major part of American history. All of these historical American flags are crafted with care in the United States by select manufacturers.

Each of these American historic flags is designed first and foremost for everyday outdoor use. Our lightweight nylon flags feature quick-drying capabilities and heat-resistant printing, and all mount onto an outdoor flagpole easily and safely with a canvas header and brass grommets.

From time periods ranging from the earliest days of America before the American Revolution all the way to today, each flag fits into a different part of history. Choose the American-made historical flag that works best for you, as many are available in a variety of sizes.

  • The Gadsden flag, also known as the Don’t Tread On Me flag, featuring a bold yellow background with a simple illustration of a coiled timber rattlesnake in its center and the revolutionary slogan, “Don’t Tread On Me,” printed in bold capital letters along the bottom. Gadsden flag waving in the wind.

    Gadsden Flag

    The Gadsden flag, both a comic illustration and a serious philosophy, is instantly recognizable as one of America’s oldest and most patriotic symbols. Since its inception in 1775 during the American Revolution, it has become one of the most iconic...

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  • Betsy Ross Flag has thirteen red and white alternating stripes.  A dark blue canton in the upper left corner of the flag displays thirteen five pointed white stars arranged in a circle. A close up shot of the thirteen white stars on the Betsy Ross Flag. (cotton)

    Betsy Ross Flag

    High-quality flags This flag Betsy Ross flag is constructed of embroidered stars and sewn stripes. Made in America Authentic design 3' x 5' Available in nylon Durable canvas heading Brass grommets 13 Colony Flag Since the turn of the...

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  • The Mississippi state flag consists of three equal horizontal bands of blue, white, and red. In the top left corner is a canton of red with a white-bordered saltire cross of blue. In the cross are 13 white stars. A durable canvas header with brass grommets is on the left for attachment to flagpoles. Mississippi state flag flying on a silver aluminum flagpole with a ball on top during a sunny day in Jackson, Mississippi. Photo by Michele B.

    1894-2020 Mississippi Flag

    MISSISSIPPI STATE FLAG HISTORY Mississippi joined the United States in 1817 and was the 20th state admitted to the Union. Mississippi lacked a state flag until the 1860s and the least design, created by Edward Scudder, was adopted in 1894. In 2020 the...

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  • The First Navy Jack flag consists of 13 alternating red and white stripes with a gold and red rattlesnake draped across it. In the bottom white line is black text reading “DONT TREAD ON ME”. On the left side is a canvas header with brass grommets for attachment to flagpoles.

    First Navy Jack Flag

    Own a piece of American history with the American-made First Navy Jack Flag! This high-quality American historical flag is deeply rooted in American Revolutionary history, representing a symbol of independence and resistance to tyranny. Fly the First...

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  • The Bennington flag feature 13 alternating stripes of white and red with a large blue canton in the top left corner with 11 6-pointed white stars arranged in an arc with 2 additional stars above. Inside the arc is white text reading “76”. On the left of the flag is a durable canvas header with brass grommets for attaching to a flagpole.

    Bennington Flag

    The Bennington flag is another one of those legendary American Revolution flags; like many of those, the story is much more remarkable than the history. Legend has it that a flag like this one, featuring a large “76” canton and 13 stripes,...

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  • A Washington Cruisers flag with a white background with a green pine tree centered on green grass. Above the tree is black text reading “AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN”.

    Washington Cruisers Flag

    “An Appeal to Heaven.” Our Washington Cruisers flag is an American-made replica of the exact same flag that our first president, George Washington, commissioned to use on his small navy during the early days of the American Revolutionary War...

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  • The Culpeper all-white flag features a black line drawing of a timber rattlesnake, coiled for attack, surrounded by the revolutionary slogans “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Liberty or Death.” Scrolling across the top of the flag is a ribbon-style banner, on which are printed the words, “The Culpeper Minutemen” in black capital letters.

    Culpeper Flag

    Bearing the iconic symbol of the rattlesnake and not one but two famous revolutionary slogans (”Don’t Tread on Me” and “Liberty or Death”), the Culpeper flag was the official flag of the Culpeper Minutemen, a small and...

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  • This tea stained Betsy Ross flag is the original flag of the 13 colonies, designed with classic all-American red and white stripes and a bright white circle of just 13 five-pointed stars embroidered into a deep blue background. Each star represents one of the original 13 American colonies.

    Betsy Ross Vintage Flag

    Stand out from the crowd with this vintage Betsy Ross flag, complete with a beautiful tea-stained effect to make your flag look like a vintage classic pulled straight from the pages of history. BETSY ROSS FLAG This authentic and iconic vintage Betsy...

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  • The Sons of Liberty flag features 13 alternating red and white stripes. On the left edge of the flag is a canvas header with tough brass grommets for attaching to flagpoles.

    Sons of Liberty Flag

    The Sons of Liberty have been known as the original American Patriots. Some of America's Founding Fathers worked with the Sons of Liberty, and the organization is best known for its involvement in the Boston Tea Party. Their flag became as iconic as they...

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  • Come and take it flag with black text that reads 'Come and Take It' on bottom center. White background with Black cannon design and black five point star above cannon.

    Come & Take It Flag

    Celebrate the victory of the Texas Revolution with the Come and Take It Flag. This flag commemorates Texas history and the famous slogan made popular by Gonzales during the Battle of Gonzales. This flag features the authentic 1835 design with the...

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  • Star Spangled Banner Flag

    Star Spangled Banner Flag

    Enjoy the Star Spangled Banner Flag that was waving proudly over Fort McHenry when the British Navy attacked, and Francis Scott Key was held hostage and inspired to write the National Anthem. Made in America 3' x 5' 15 embroidered stars Authentic...

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